Automatically Add New and Used Car Inventory on Facebook Marketplace Daily

The setup process is simple! All you need is a Facebook Page. Once you Sign Up we'll do the rest!

The Car Dealer Chatbot Generates Facebook Marketplace Leads

The Car Dealer Chatbot takes all of your Facebook Marketplace leads and enters your customers into a sales funnel that automates the car buying process. The Car Dealer Chatbot makes it easy for users to set up a test drive and pre-qualify for credit. Results are then texted to sales staff, and a copy of the lead is emailed to the customer relationship management system, simplifying the mobile car buying experience.

Showcase Your Car Dealership Inventory in Facebook Marketplace

We import your dealership's inventory and list it on Facebook Marketplace, daily.

With more than 2.27 billion monthly active Facebook users and 1.3 billion monthly active Facebook Messenger users, we do all of the heavy lifting by providing an all-inclusive Chatbot automated solution for your Facebook Marketplace traffic. Your Car Dealership Facebook Marketplace inventory listing clicks are funneled into our quick test-drive scheduling routine. After the test-drives are scheduled, we ask three simple questions that pre-qualify your leads. This soft credit pull is instant, and the inquiry does not affect your leads' credit score!

Create Facebook Ads in Seconds with our Facebook Vehicle Catalog

Creating a vehicle Facebook Ad is simple when utilizing our vehicle catalog. The vehicle catalog appears within your Facebook Business Manager and is updated automatically every hour. The Vehicle catalog contains all of your Dealer's inventory, with all of their information and images. Creating Facebook vehicle ads in this fashion guarantees you're targeting car shoppers utilizing Facebook's VIN specific retargeting routine.

Automated Test Drive Funnel

All Facebook Marketplace inquiries are funneled into a test drive routine.

The Car Dealership Chatbot shows your Facebook leads the days and hours your Car Dealership is open. They choose a specific day and preferred time (in the morning, midday, or afternoon) when they are available. The Car Chatbot then displays time slots from which they can choose. These questions complete the scheduling of the Test Drive. The Car Dealer Chatbot smoothly transitions into a financial routine, asking your Facebook lead answers whether or not they have a trade-in, the amount of their deposit, and if they require financing. If they do require funding, the Car Dealer Chatbot provides them with a series of monthly financing options.

Three-Question Pre-Qualification Soft Credit Check

Our prequalification routine asks your lead three simple questions:

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What is your home address?
  3. What is your phone number?

The answers from these questions are processed, and a soft credit pull initiates, which takes one second to complete. Once the soft credit pull completes, we then inform your lead whether they prequalify or whether they are one step closer to owning the vehicle in the sales funnel. Remember, this is an automated process completed before your staff member interacts with the lead.

Text Alerts To Sales Team

All Sales Staff Members Receive Text Alerts Instantly.

Text alerts sent directly to your staff members the moment someone schedules a test drive or submits a credit application along with many more options. Text alerts allow your sales team to respond quickly and confirm the test drive request. All text alert messages are customizable within the control panel. All text alerts are sent to your sales staff instantly when a lead generates. Did you know responding within five minutes of inbound leads increases the closing ratio by upwards of nine times?

ADF-XML Email Export To Dealer CRM

All Leads Are Emailed To Dealer Client Relation Management Portal Instantly

The ADF-XML formatted email efficiently pulls all of the selected data points (which include Users, Find My Car, Sell My Car, and Test Drives) your chatbot collects and exports that data to your CRM. The Car Dealer Chatbot sends all leads automatically to your Car Dealership Client Relation Management Portal.