Why a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Your clients

Easy To Use

Your clients already have Facebook Messenger installed on their devices and will be familiar with how to use it without adding additional accounts or passwords.


Never miss a lead with this single-thread, instant chat system with a lifetime history of all of messages to and from your Chatbot.


Chatbot is available 24/7. Use Chatbot to showcase your business and generate leads even when your business is closed. It can answer several responses simultaneously.

Your business

Easy To Maintain

The Car Dealer Chatbots is maintained by us, and is updated automatically for you when new versions are available. This leaves you less time figuring out settings and more time following your leads.

Internet Management

Proven sales funnel assistance for Sales Teams, Business Development, Internet Managers, Call Centers, Dealership Groups, Resellers and Advertising Groups.

Business Integrations

Seamless integration with Dealer Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management tools, Multi-Service Listings, via website widgets and DMS API.

Latest Features

Facebook Marketplace

We showcase your new and used vehicle inventory on your local Facebook Marketplace. We also attach the Dealerships Facebook Pixel to a Facebook vehicle catalog which is updated every hour. Utilize the catalog to create Vin Specific ads that retargets car buyers, from within your Facebook Business Manager.

700 Credit Soft-Pulls

Our Car Dealer Chatbot funnels the Facebook user into a test drive request which asks about financing and the length of the requested car loan. Our 700 Credit port instantly does a soft-pull and returns the user's credit score. The credit score then gets recorded, and all staff members receive an SMS message.

Facebook Inventory Tab

We showcase your new and used vehicle inventory on your Facebook Business page, accessible by clicking the "View Vehicles" tab on the left side of your Facebook Business page. Facebook users can schedule test drives, schedule service, and even pre-qualify for a loan without leaving your Facebook Business page.